ESCORT Data Loggers Software

The new ESCORT Console software will operate ESCORT iLog, Precision, Junior, REDi, Wireless Mini and Mini loggers as well as all ESCORT ChartReaders. It has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive to use. The help file contains detailed information on how to setup and operate ESCORT products.
For those more familiar with ESCORT for Windows we also offer an updated version, which operate with ESCORT Precision, Junior, and Junior ChartReader.

The latest from Escort for Windows software version 1.62. This software does not support ESCORT iLog and ESCORT Mini product range. This is an upgrade package and therefore a copy of the Escort for Windows software, between version 1.50.01 and 1.62.10 inclusive, must already be installed on target computer to install.

ESCORT Data Loggers Software Key Features :

  • The software runs on any IBM compatible PC under Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 and NT.
  • User defined data analysis, eg. calculation of pasteurisation values, fresh values, process hygene index.
  • Automatic dewpoint and summary calculations of measured conditions including average, maximum and minimum. Data transfer to generic formats, eg. Excel.calculation.
  • User defined graph labels.
  • View results by time or increments.
  • Identification and analysis of out of specification conditions.
  • View real time conditions through PC interface.
  • Data storage and retrieval.

ESCORT Data Loggers Software - Previous Versions

ESCORT for Windows v 1.62
  • File Name: euv16211, File Size: 5.5MB, Released 30th March 2004

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ESCORT Console Pro Software v 2.05.15
  • File Name: Console_2-05-15.exe File Size: 13.8MB
  • ESCORT Console will disable all versions of ESCORT for Windows apart from version 1.62 or later. If you still require to use the ESCORT for Windows software after installing ESCORT Console, you will need to install ESCORT for Windows version 1.62. To download this version please click on the link below.

ESCORT Console Pro Software v 2.06.09 Download Now !

ESCORT Console User Manual English-UK
ESCORT Console User Manual English-US
ESCORT Console User Manual German
ESCORT Console User Manual French
ESCORT Console User Manual Italian
ESCORT Console User Manual Spanish

ThermoCheck Software v 2.31 - on Request!
  • File Name: euv16211, File Size: 5.5MB, Released 30th March 2004
ESCORT CoolDown Software v 1.62 - on Request!
  • File Name: CoolDown_207, File Size: 4.8MB, Released 8th June 2004


USB Driver for Windows 2000 & XP - on Request

If you have purchased a USB to serial port cable (JA-USB-SER) from your distributor you will require this driver. This driver is also provided on a disc which accompanies your cable.