ESCORT iLog - more details
ESCORT iLog loggers provide you with the technological facilities to introduce total quality control for temperature and humidity sensitive products and services while supporting your compliance with the stringent monitoring requirements of today's markets.

ESCORT JUNIOR - more details
The ESCORT Junior range of data loggers offer a cost effective, reliable accurate and easy to use solution for all temperature and humidity monitoring requirements.
ESCORT PRECISION - more details
Designed to meet the ever growing demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the ESCORT Precision range of data loggers are highly accurate with an average resolution of 0.1ºC, robust through the use of the chrome brass and stainless steel casings and extremely versatile with their ability to have up to eight external sensor inputs which include thermistor, PT100, thermocouples, humidity, analogue, pulse and pH options.
ESCORT COOL DOWN - more details
The Escort Cool down Temperature Recorder was developed to assist organisations in complying with regulations set by the United States Federal Drug Administration regarding the cooling process of processed food.
ESCORT Thermocheck - more details
ESCORT ThermoCheck is a portable, handheld temperature recording system used to validate the temperature of products at various stages of production and storage. This device assists organisations within the food industry in maintaining HACCP compliance.
ESCORT Mini - more details
Developed for the transport industries, ESCORT Mini data loggers offer a low cost alternative for solving your temperature monitoring problems. These loggers have internal or external sensor options, a large LCD display and a two Kilobyte memory which is capable of storing 1868 samples.
ESCORT Wireless - more details
ESCORT dls currently offer two wireless products, the REDi Wireless receiver and the Wireless Mini data logger. Both products are ideal for applications such as transportation across the cold chain, galleries, warehouses and laboratories.
ESCORT High Temperature - more details
The ESCORT High Temperature range of data loggers were developed for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and have the ability to withstand high temperature and pressure environments. The high temperature range of data logger's are well suited to applications where a high degree of sterilisation is required.
ESCORT Chart Readers - more details
The ESCORT ChartReader is a portable, battery operated download and printing solution for retrieving information from your data loggers remotely where a PC is not readily available. These products allow for fast download in easy to read graph or over/under specification list formats.
ESCORT Egg Loggers - more details
Originally developed for the US market, the ESCORT Egg logger is designed to measure egg temperature in cartons during transport and storage or during the incubation process. It can also be used in any other application that prohibits the use of other loggers due to size requirements.
ESCORT Accessories - more details
ESCORT DLS have a large range of accessories that accompany their data logging products. From software to logger interfaces, ESCORT DLS have a product to meet all of your data logging requirements.